BEOKOLP D.O.O. Belgrade is the largest company in Serbia dealing with distribution of newspapers, books, CD’s and DVD’s. Since the establishment in 1997 to date, we have managed to become the largest distributor in the national press market, which brought us a special, favourable position with most publishers.

All editions are marketed in more than 6650 retail shops in the country. Most shops are small traditional trading systems. We have most up-to-date computer-equipped expedition and a proficiently organized circulation department.

We distribute press through large systems such as Dufry - Nikola Tesla Airport, Merkator, Roda, Trafika, DIS, SOS markets, Mozzart betting places. Through Distri Press, partly organized by Beokolp, we also supply IDEA shopping chain, as well as gas stations Eko, OMV, NIS and Lukoil.

Beokolp opted to approach the consumers as much as possible, wherefore we introduced a pre-paid system to enable our clients to receive daily papers on the agreed address.

Our car fleet with more than 150 vehicles involved in everyday delivery can guarantee the largest line-up of domestic and foreign press, as well as quickest delivery possible for every client. Beokolp also guarantees friendly commercial terms and properly updated records of sold and unpaid copies.

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