• We provide the entire domestic and foreign daily papers, weeklies and periodicals, as well as a series of editorials and special editions, books, CD’s and DVD’s.
  • Beokolp’s circulation staff perform circulation management for every title and each individual point of sale. We respect all delivery orders of our clients pertaining to change in circulation as soon as possible.
  • We accept all reasonable complaints and we guarantee the accurate number of copies in every package.
  • We withdraw unsold copies of daily papers from the shops every day and for magazines after the release of subsequent issue – the client indicates the number of unsold copies on a designated place on the return receipt, stating exactly the titles which are no longer being sold and which should be returned.
  • We charge our services at the end of the week, and only for the editions whose sale has been finished and the unsold copies withdrawn with the agreed payment term, only for the copies sold and charged by our client.

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